We are an on line center


We are the First Center in the area with Internet Parent Cameras and the First to be Step Up to Quality Approved.

Parents miss their children while they are working. Parents are assigned an exclusive family password and will be able to log on and “visit” their child anytime they want. Watch your child play, have a snack or check to see if they are doing their homework!

Parents are given up to three usernames and passwords, so out-of-town relatives or friends can visit. This allows them to visit the Close to Home website and watch their children via the Internet.

Parent Testimonials:

Step Up to Quality Star Rating means that Close to Home Childcare Center and Preschool exceeds the state licensing requirements in that, we have lower teacher to student ratios, lower group size in the Infant room. This means the teachers have more time to support your baby's individual development and learning. This is important because 85% of brain development occurs by the time your child is three years old.

At Close to Home the Administrator and many lead teachers have or are pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. This means the Administrator and teachers have the formal knowledge to support your childs development and learning. This is important because just like a doctor needs formal education, so do those working with young chil dren. All teachers must complete 10 hours of specialized training annually. Close to Home teachers are committed to expanding their knowledge and skills to better support your childs development and learning. This ensures that our education professionals keep up to date with the ever changing knowledge base of their profession.

Close to Home Provides annual performance evaluations, professional development planning, and several benefits (such as insurance, paid leave, tuition reimbursement etc.) to employees. This means that Close to Home is a place where employees are supported and treated professionally. This is important because good programs retain good teachers.

Close to Home Teachers are familiar with Ohio's Infant Toddler Guidelines, Ohio’s Early Learning Content standards and K-12 Standards. This means that your child is in a program that is aware that there are guidelines and standards that identify the experiences children should have at each milestone. This is important because this information assists teachers in supporting your child's development and learning.