Curriculum Aligned with the Ohio Department of Education


Close to Home uses a Curriculum aligned with the Ohio Department of Education. Teachers utilize a variety of resources including a cataloged library, exclusive to Close to Home. Each month has its own themes and parents appreciate that children are all learning the same subject matter, especially if they if they have 2 or 3 children attending our program. 

We incorporate into the daily lesson plans:

Each classroom develops lesson plans aligned with Ohio Department of Education. Teachers utilize a of a complete system of teaching practices, defined curriculum content areas for each topic and age group, can utilize assessment tools, and training models. The practices and content are flexible by design, easily adapted to individual needs and institutional requirements.

Teachers maintain ongoing journals and meet with parents to review developmental goals. Our program integrates ongoing assessment of children's development with reporting, program planning, and parent communication. Our program attempts to promote the cognitive, language, social/emotional, and physical development of young children.