Infant Room


We have a No shoes policy in Infant Room. Research shows that 80% of all dirt is brought indoors from the outside on our shoes! Our babies receive only Bottled water. With water impurities on the increase and babies being more susceptible, we decided to protect them by supplying bottled water. And we supply the formula! That’s right we buy all of our babies formula and their baby food! That’s less work for moms and dads!

If you are searching for a safe, secure "home away from home" where your baby can learn, play, and grow, then this is the place. We have designed a nurturing, creative environment for infants to help their minds and their bodies to grow and develop. Our Administrator, Director and teachers work with you to make a smooth transition into our program. They continue to work closely with you and your child as they transition from formula to baby food to table foods! We are dedicated teachers who love keeping our babies happy and healthy.

Educators are learning that the foundation of education starts in infancy. Educators understand that the first five years of a child's life is an amazing time of growth and learning that serves as the foundation for future stages of development. Or teachers utilize the Early Learning Guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education. The Early Learning guidelines Infant program provides the right environment and experiences to meet these rapidly developing abilities. Our program emphasizes the importance of positive, supportive interactions between our teachers and your child. Our teachers sing, read, and talk to your child to help him or her with this critical development. Age-appropriate activities promote cognitive and social development in a warm, nurturing environment.

We have Age-appropriate toys, games, and music to stimulate development Nurturing, personal care that builds trust and self-esteem Stimulating activities and group interactions that encourage your child to play and explore, generating interest and curiosity as your child grows. Parents of Infants are given a sheet of paper, which records their daily activities, including amounts consumed at mealtimes, length of naptimes and other details! Regular communication with teachers, including daily notes, to inform you about your child's day and we have the Lowest Infant/Teacher Ratio in town.