We know that trusting new caregivers with your baby, toddler or preschooler is a big decision. You are probably experience different feelings from worrying to maybe feeling relief for finally getting the help you deserve!

There are so many different options but how do you choose the right provider to care for your child? We want to help you with this process that we even provide a form for you to compare daycares, so you know which one is the best match. We believe in our program that much that we want you to explore all the options and see why we stand out!

1. They will be Safe and Loved
Caring for your child is a huge responsibility and you want the child care to take it seriously. Are ALL the teacher’s CPR certified and have they gone through childcare training. How long has the staff been with the daycare? This will tell you a lot and what is their demeanor when taking a tour? Is the facility being used by other groups or people and what contact do they have with your child?

2. Children Love their Teachers
Children that love their teachers, will love learning! Are teachers engaging children to learn. Does learning look like it will be fun here? How do they add variety to the daily and weekly schedule so every day is different? Does the classroom have lots of books and toys? Ask what hands on learning they are doing this week. Do they have a huge playground?

3. Do they have a Radical Curriculum?
Are they just going through the motions of teaching or do they love engaging children in learning! Look on their Facebook page and do you see kids doing fun things and different activities.

4. Are the kids ready for kindergarten?
Has anyone evaluated their curriculum program? If so, who and what is their background. If not, ask why not? Ask for a daily curriculum overview. Do they ever change their curriculum? If not, they are probably not attending advancement classes to find out the latest and greatest news in educating your child.

5. How do they communicate with their parents?
Is there any daily information shared and how? Find a daycare that will partner with you. Do you feel that is occurring when you visit.

Remember you want to not just find a daycare that meets the standards, rather you want the best for your child, so find the place that EXCEEDS the standards!