At Close to Home Childcare Center and Preschool we know that there are valuable benefits for children to be in our care.

  1. Parent/Child Network: Our parents easily network with each other by attending various programs to see their children shine. Parents need others around having some of the same experiences to be a sounding board for each other. Also, children have time with peers learn better problem-solving, sharing and learning skills through playing together and helping each other.


  1. Stress Relief: Having time away to work and know that your child is getting top-notch care and education is critical. We care for the children in the program as if they were our own, so we want them to be safe, have fun and learn. Parents are our number one referral source because they love how we care for their children.
  1. Improved Interactions: Time apart between a child and parent can give them time to have things to share at home about what they did. Toddlers and preschoolers love sharing their day on the drive home or at the dinner table. Many times, they are taking their homemade items home, which adds to the excitement even more.


  1. Routines Develop: All our classrooms have a daily schedule with a different theme. Doing fun tasks like making art items, to singing or storytelling all are important to the intellectual development. Plus, it gives them a schedule and as they become toddlers, they feel more secure and develop faster with a variety of activities in their day. Parents love that no day is the same with our different theme for the week and that our activities change, excluding the schedule of eating, playing, and napping.


  1. Academic Advancement: The U.S. National Institutes of Health did a study and found that children who were in a high-quality daycare achieved higher academic achievement as a teen. Our teachers achieve this level by providing extensive cognitive boosting activities that vary daily.