During COVID parents have found even more the importance of childhood educational facilities. The administrators and teachers at Close to Home Childcare and Preschool, maintain the highest educational credentials to their positions and are always striving to learn how to be a better educator. We chose in our name “close to home” to be an extension of the child’s home, where we work with our parents as a team. Our teachers are not “daycare” workers simply spending the day caring for children. Rather, our atmosphere is an extension of what parents want which is teachers providing a formative educational experience to their toddlers, preschoolers and Pre-K children that impacts the rest of their academic careers. Our professional educators want the public perception to start with the correct terms of what we provide at our childcare. This is critical to children as well, because they pick up at a young age about the importance of an early childhood education experience. If a parent is just dropping off a child at a daycare that is not focused on education, eventually the child will pick this up from adult conversations in how they view the program. We work hard to keep the lines of communication open between our parents and teachers, because we want that love of learning to be at home and when we are caring for their child. We love the support our parents provide our administrators and teachers as it adds to a stronger love for learning from their toddlers, preschoolers, or pre-k children. Our parents can have peace of mind when bringing their child to “Close to Home” as they know they are giving their child the best possible start for his or her educational career. This is even more reinforced by kindergarten teachers in Defiance, Ohio who are always impressed when they get a child who has received their early childhood education at Close to Home Childcare and Preschool. Why? Because they know they are ready for kindergarten and that this child was not cared for at a daycare that does not have a true curriculum.