For many families, this past year has been extremely stressful, but during even the most difficult times we can find things to appreciate. Our staff at Close to Home Childcare Center and Preschool spent even more time talking to parents regarding the different stresses they were experiencing. Through that process our staff realized how much more we loved the families in our program. Not only were we concerned about them, but they were just as concerned about us. We all came away realizing that family is bigger than what we think and that is something to celebrate.

We are so thankful to be serving the families of Defiance, Ohio and providing them a top-notch childcare that they can feel as an extension of their home. We encouraged our families to celebrate the little joys as that brings happiness to them and their children. We missed the kids when they were not able to come to us that we did different activities like live story time reading, activities to do at home, to just help the parents and for us to be engaged as one large family. So many parents thanked us for that support, but really it was just as supportive to us! As people who love teaching and caring for children, we felt loss not being able to do what we love! We were all so thankful when we could not watch birthday celebrations but be a part even if they were being celebrated on a smaller scale. Lastly, we love this community and every family we get the privilege of serving. It brings us joy to see parents “thanking” us when we could finally open our doors and all the measures, we implemented to keep the childcare center (daycare) safe for their children. Thank you to all the families for letting us do what we do best, “caring for children” and we love being an extension of your home.