With the holiday season upon us there is excitement in the air! Young children two -three years old sense it and can become easily overstimulated. While a four – five years old children can remember family rituals and may start to have certain expectations like making cookies. This is a time that can get very full of parties to attend and family and friends visiting, especially families that did not feel comfortable during the pandemic to travel. With all the excitement routines tend to not be followed, which may cause for some overwhelmed and acting out behavior by children.

Despite the holidays it is important to try to follow the routine of naps, going to bed and getting up. It is easy to not do it, but for everyone it will make adjusting to a routine after the holidays much easier. Additionally, do not let the kids overindulge in all the sugar as they still need nutritional meals. Of course, they will eat more sugar than normal but limiting it will make them feel better. If you are traveling pack some healthy snacks and drinks for your family. Know that it is okay to ask extended family members to follow your wishes regarding routines you want to keep and what you desire your children to eat.

Lastly, enjoy the time and do not worry about saying “no” to certain events. Running in all directions never makes for a peaceful time. Give yourself permission to not attend all the events you are invited to or narrow the list of rituals you do with your children. You have them home for only a brief time so enjoy it. Take time to discuss the rituals you do and especially discuss diverse cultures have different rituals. There are terrific books at the library to read with your children to help explain that your family’s celebration can be vastly different from how other people celebrate.